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Unidirectional Security Gateways (Solution Insights)

With the widespread outbreaks of ransomware, viruses and other malicious software across the internet, alternative methods of securing the corporate network are being considered. One of these methods is known is the “unidirectional network”. A unidirectional network is created through the use of a “unidirectional security gateway”, so you may also see this term being used. While this method is highly secure, its stringent controls, high cost, and the lack of maturity of standards and solution providers in this space limits the viability of this solution for mid-market companies and definitely excludes it from small business use, except in very limited scenarios. Overview of the Solution Usi

Keys to Success for Bookkeeping Automation

Many large firms, even the Big Four firms, are getting back into the bookkeeping business. This may seem counter intuitive for anyone who has been hearing about the “death of bookkeeping services” in recent years. Some If large accounting firms are moving back to bookkeeping services, that must mean there is a great potential for profit, right? The answer is, yes! As the rote, manual work of data entry and coding become automated, the accountant’s role can shift to validating the reports and analyzing the data to help clients make better decisions. Automation also allows the accountant to have “real-time” visibility into a client’s transactions so they can be more proactive—helping improve t

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