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Start Your Digital Transformation

Accelerating Your Innovation & Excellence

We help bring technology innovations and right-size business excellence practices into your organization. By guiding you through the transformation of your intraprise (the internal workings of your organization), and modernizing your accounting, we help elevate your organization's overall performance – which results in increased customer retention and profitability.

​Many organizations struggle to introduce change and drive accountability for change on their own. That is why we are here to help.


Our innovation and change management methodologies help you:

  • Visualize the future state of your organization,

  • Develop a strategy for achieving that future state,

  • Drive adoption of leading technologies,

  • Guide development of your staff's technical and non-technical competencies, and

  • Ensure that your business model is sustainable and profitable in both the short-term and long-term.

Why Should I Care About Digital Transformation and Business Improvement? 


Studies made recently among small and mid-size businesses prove that having and implementing a Digital Transformation Strategy correlates to the success of the given business. The further ahead the organization is with the digital transformation the more growth it can expect.


A clear understanding of the fundamentals of digital transformation helps reduce the complexity, connects the dots and gives an opportunity for executives to take the right actions to propel their businesses. If competitors are embracing digital transformation better, that means they have a substantial competitive advantage mainly invisible to others.

How Can Digital Transformation Help Your Firm?

✔  Bridge the gap between you and your tech team

✔  Create a collaborative culture that embrace new technologies 

✔  Put together a business-led technology approach for your organization

✔  Identify and capitalize on value-added digital projects (cloud implementations, application management, etc.)

✔  Execute a digital transformation plan on budget and on deadline

✔  Innovate smarter than your competition with the right tools

✔  Increase return on technology investment

✔  Build a lasting competitive advantage for your SMB

Why Partner With Us?

We are certified professionals that help build other successful organizations.

  • We believe that “the rising tide lifts all boats”. We firmly believe that accountants are the key to improving the world. By helping elevate your organization, we are helping you to elevate your customers and employees. By elevating your customers and employees, you enable them to elevate the communities that they are in. In this way, our circle of impact is vastly increased through our partnering with you.

  • We are a recognized national leader in our niche. Our methodologies, templates, and knowledge has been shared nationally and internationally through conferences, webinars, seminars, articles, and even books--most of which is hosted or published by other people. 

  • We teach others how to do what we do. As "true advisors" our objective is to be continuously helping you to move forward and innovate, not to lock you into long-term operations and maintenance contracts. So incorporated into every engagement we do is knowledge transfer and teaching so that you can sustain the changes we've helped you enact on your own. And if you're ambitious and willing, we'll even teach you to do what we do for your own customers so that you can help elevate their organizations too.

  • We gather lessons learned from across the nation and across industries. Our expertise is not in a particular vertical or technical discipline, but rather in the gathering of knowledge and its transformation into know-how: templates, teachings, standardization, and generalization. This know-how is incorporated into our methodologies and templates, and shared via our courses, articles, and conference presentations.

The ITK Difference

  • We are not just interested in selling you technology/training. We are committed to the development of your organization; increasing your organizational excellence and staff competency to unlock your organization’s potential and improve its overall performance.

  • We are not just an accounting consultant. We are a business partner and advisor that will be with you as your organization grows and thrives.

  • ​We are not just any firm. We are a recognized thought leader for innovation and technology in the accounting profession, with name recognition and Google-ability that cannot just be purchased or acquired in a short period of time.

  • We are the accounting firm of the future. And we can help you become an example of the future in your industry too!

Are You Ready to Start your Transformation?

Begin your Business Improvement Review journey and share your vision for your organization and the challenges you see in realizing that vision. Let us help develop your roadmap to success and guide you along the path to success. After you have completed the Business Improvement Review (BIR) Questionnaire, we'll set up a time to discuss your results and share strategies and recommendations on how you can maximize your path to success and start your transformation!

Still Uncertain?

Not every organization has the same goals, but every organization can maximize their business model. Contact us and take the first step in learning how you can transform your organization. Take a few minutes and hear directly from our leaders on how ITK can help with your transformation.

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