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Intraprise Architecture® 

Would you like help in evaluating your organization's workflow and processes, and identifying the vendors that would be best able to help optimize your workflows? Our Intraprise Architecture® service does just that. Using our Intraprise Blueprints® as a base, we help you create workflow diagrams that are specific to your organization.

Leverage our integrated accounting, information technology (IT), and organizational development (human resources) expertise to optimize the way your organization runs or to create a new innovative way to manage your business processes, information, and people.

Intraprise Blueprints® 

We have validated Intraprise Blueprints® for the following industries and functions:

  • Accounting Services (shared services, family office, or accounting firm)​

  • Associations (membership / non-profit)

  • Hotel / lodging services

  • Legal Services (law firm)

  • Performance Management (for profit)

  • Performance Management (non-profit / not-for-profit)

  • Retail Operations

Additional Intraprise Blueprints® are always being develop​ed. Please contact us if you don't see the blueprint that you need on the list. Sometimes we just haven't had a chance to generalize a model that we've already created for a client to be published as a blueprint yet.

How we provide Intraprise Services

Our approach to Intraprise Services generally follows our 4-D Methodology:



We’ll work with you to obtain an understanding of the problem or area of concern and identify some of the root causes or core concerns of the problems.  If the problem or concern is compliance related, we’ll help identify the gaps between the requirements and your current state.




Leveraging our broad expertise, we’ll identify potential solutions, and work with you to design a solution concept that will address the root causes or core concerns while keeping within your budget.




Depending on the type of solution, we will either help you find the right vendor(s) to deliver the solution, prepare your team to develop the solution yourself, or our team will develop the solution for you.




Unlike many consultants, we work with you until the problem is solved. Once the solution is developed, we will help ensure that it is properly implemented and work with you to monitor it to ensure that the root problem really is solved and the solution is optimized.

Interested in our Intraprise Services?
Since these services are personalized based on your organization's unique needs, please contact us to obtain a quote for any of these services.
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