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ITK is not your traditional CPA firm or technology consultancy. 



We are a unique blend of a management consulting firm, systems integrator, and CPA firm. The synergies of these very different types of expertise have been brought together and merged to form the basis of our guiding principles, methodologies, and analysis techniques. 

While the management consulting firm is primarily focused on strategic planning and “soft skills”, ITK’s methodologies are designed to facilitate strategic planning, program management, tactical execution, and on-going operations in an integrated and well-choreographed manner. This ensures the smooth progress from planning all the way to operations, and helps to ensure that the plans made are realistic and operationally feasible.

We fundamentally believe that our success is realized through your success. After all, how good can a consultant be if their clients are not doing well? Thus, our mission is to help you succeed.

Depending on how mature your organization is or where your greatest need is, different aspects of our services may be of greater value to you. 

Learn about our Tenents of Purpose and how they can help provide Peace of Mind, Vision & Clarity, and Hope.

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