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Intraprise IT Budget Template v2.0 (Excel)

Excel template of our IT Budgeting technique. If you've attending one of our conference sessions or seminars on IT Budgeting, this is the spreadsheet that was demonstrated.


This template includes sample data demonstrating the Run-Optimize-Innovate (R-O-I) budget analysis technique. You can read more about the Run-Optimize-Innovate analysis technique (previously known as Run-Grow-Transform) in a Journal of Accountancy article: "A Strategic Approach to IT Budgeting" (March 2012).

Intraprise IT Budget Template v2.0 (Excel)

  • You may use this template for the purpose of preparing your organization's own internal budget. You may not use this for commerical purposes, including for your customers or clients. If you would like to use this in a commercial setting, please contact us at to obtain external use rights.

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