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The Technology Advisor You Can Trust

IntrapriseTechKnowlogies LLC is the next evolution CPA firm focused on organizational development and technology management services for the middle market, nonprofits, and small businesses that “think big”. 

We are the key to unlock your synergy...

ITK is not your traditional CPA firm or technology consultancy. We are a unique blend of a management consulting firm, systems integrator, and CPA firm. The synergies of these very different types of expertise have been brought together and merged to form the basis of our guiding principles, methodologies, and analysis techniques. In our increasingly technology-integrated world, a holistic approach is the key that ITK can provide to help you unlock the synergies in your organization.  Learn more about our approach and how we help our clients.

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Experts in strategic planning to tactical execution.

While the management consulting firm is primarily focused on strategic planning and conceptual solutions, our methodologies are designed to facilitate strategic planning, program management, tactical execution, and on-going operations in an integrated and well-choreographed manner. This ensures the smooth progress from planning all the way to operations, and helps ensure plans made are pragmatic and operationally feasible.

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Technology innovation focused on business outcomes.

Like the systems integrator, we provide technical expertise—particularly in managing a diverse technology platform. We go beyond the systems integrator by applying our business acumen and enterprise business process improvement expertise to ensure that technology-based projects are focused on practical business solutions rather than fancy technical features.

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A big picture vision to optimize your entire intraprise.

CPA firms can be too focused on financial statements and forget to take a step back and look at the entire organization. Our objective is to optimize your entire intraprise, from accounting, to technology and human resources. As the core supporting function for any organization, the synergy of these areas are essential to keep an organization running smoothly. We ensure planning and solution implementation incorporate financial, technical, and human perspectives to create balanced organization growth and resiliency.

Optimize Your Innovation Strategy

What's keeping you up at night? Whether it’s the security of your systems, planning a hardware refresh, moving to the cloud, or turbo-charging your operations with new technology, we can help.


Our expertise and services help you:

  • Gain peace of mind that your systems are safe and secure.​

  • ​Bring clarity to your technology environment and issues by explaining technical options and issues in the language of business and management, rather than technical jargon. 

  • Visualize your organization’s future and clarify your innovation strategy.

  • Align your business initiatives to maximize near-term benefits and long-term strategic organizational value.

  • Analyze the costs and risks of technology-focused initiatives to evaluate solutions based on a balanced business perspective.

Empower your future.
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