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Common Challenges

Shown below are the common questions and ideas you may be having that require Vision & Clarity. These are organized by the ITK functional expertise area that helps to provide solutions for your Vision & Clarity.


Financial Stability:

  • How do I improve our cash flow and working capital?

  • How will growth/downsizing impact my finances and cash flow needs?

Budgeting & Forecasting:

  • What is my financial outlook if I… 

Financial Excellence: 

  • How do I improve my financial systems and the reports they provide?

  • How do I improve the internal controls around my financial processes?


IT Planning:

  • I’m ready for a technology refresh, what should I buy? 

  • How do I move to the cloud? What can I move to the cloud?

IT Strategy

  • How can technology support our business strategy? 

  • What technology would be best to support my idea/project? 

IT Excellence

  • As our organization changes, how does our IT function have to change to keep up with us?



Operational Excellence:

  • How can we get better insight into what’s going on in my organization? 


Human Performance Management:

  • How can I reward staff at all levels for executing our business strategy?

  • How can I incentivize my staff to make the right decisions?

Operational Excellence:

  • How can we improve the quality of our products and services? 

Decision Support & Ethics:

  • How can I make the right information available to my staff to make better day-to-day business decisions? 

  • How can I better empower my staff and guide them to make the right decisions?



Project Excellence:

  • How should we be managing our projects?

Project Management Office:

  • How do we prioritize and balance our project portfolio?


Risk Excellence

  • How can I better manage and monitor our risk indicators and mitigation strategies?

  • How can I incorporate non-financial metrics to enable enterprise risk analysis and reporting?

  • Am I following the best practices for internal controls?

  • How can I automate internal controls monitoring and enable continuous monitoring or auditing?

Want some Vision & Clarity?

Our structured and time proven approach has helped provide many people with Hope that their ideas can become a reality.  Share your idea with us to find out how we can help make it a reality.

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