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We Are the Key to Unlock Your Synergy 

ITK offers a unique blend of a management consulting firm, systems integrator, and CPA firm. Guided by our Tenets of Purpose, ITK’s methodologies are designed to facilitate strategic planning, program management, tactical execution, and on-going operations in an integrated and well-choreographed manner. Our mission is to help you succeed.  

Intraprise Architecture(TM) 

Would you like help in evaluating your organization's workflow and processes, and identifying the vendors that would be best able to help optimize your workflows? Our Intraprise Architecture(TM) service does just that. Using our Intraprise Blueprints(TM) as a base, we help you create workflow diagrams that are specific to your organization. 


Leverage our integrated accounting, information technology (IT), and organizational development (human resources) expertise to optimize the way your organization runs or to create a new innovative way to manage your business processes, information, and people. 

Intraprise Blueprints(TM) 

Accounting technologies have been advancing at an exponential pace. New vendors seem to be popping up every month, along with software and product updates. Having a hard time keeping up with all of this? Don’t worry, we have validated Intraprise Blueprints(TM) for the following industries and functions to help: 

  • Accounting Services (shared services, family office, or accounting firm)​ 

  • Associations (membership / non-profit) 

  • Hotel / lodging services 

  • Legal Services (law firm) 

  • Performance Management (for profit) 

  • Performance Management (non-profit / not-for-profit) 

  • Retail Operations 


We are also familiar with a variety of both on-shore and off-shore accounting outsourcing vendors that can help provide outsourced staff so you can focus more on working with your clients, while they take care of the routine work.  


Additional Intraprise Blueprints(TM) are always being developed​.  

B4 Cybersecurity Risk Assessment for Non-Techies 

The techno mumbo jumbo around cybersecurity can be intimidating at best, and cybersecurity vendors like to use scare tactics to get you to buy their products—which often have significant costs. How do you make the decision on who to believe and what to buy?  


Compared to vendor-driven assessments, which are designed to help sell you products or services, ITK’s risk assessment is vendor agnostic and leverages our technical expertise combined with our non-technical expertise in business risk management to help you understand where there is residual risk to your organization and what options you have to mitigate those risks (including costs). 

To do this, we have classified the safeguards in each risk area into four levels: Below Basic, Basic, Better, and Best. We also adjust the  levels depending on the size of your organization, your industry, and the amount of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) that you are handling. Your safeguards and residual risks are discussed and you make the decision depending on your level of risk tolerance as to at which level you need to be. 

Risk Area Classifications

  • Below Basic = Your organization is a high risk, including the risk of non-compliance with standards (which may have gross negligence and litigation risks). 

  • Basic = Your organization has implemented the minimum levels of safeguards, but still has some residual risk. Sometimes basic is okay if the area doesn’t have a lot of private information. This is a business risk that we help you understand and assess. 

  • Better = Your organization has implemented some of the best practices in this area. There may still be some gaps between what you’ve done and the leading practices in the area, but whether you need to be at the best level depends on your level of risk tolerance. 

  • Best = Your organization has implemented the leading practices or solutions for this year and your risk should be mitigated quite a bit. Kudos to you for being so proactive! 

How we provide Intraprise Services

Our approach to Intraprise Services generally follows our 4-D Methodology:



We’ll work with you to obtain an understanding of the problem or area of concern and identify some of the root causes or core concerns of the problems.  If the problem or concern is compliance related, we’ll help identify the gaps between the requirements and your current state.




Leveraging our broad expertise, we’ll identify potential solutions, and work with you to design a solution concept that will address the root causes or core concerns while keeping within your budget.




Depending on the type of solution, we will either help you find the right vendor(s) to deliver the solution, prepare your team to develop the solution yourself, or our team will develop the solution for you.




Unlike many consultants, we work with you until the problem is solved. Once the solution is developed, we will help ensure that it is properly implemented and work with you to monitor it to ensure that the root problem really is solved and the solution is optimized.

A Roadmap to Ensure Your Firm is Future-Ready 

Are you ready to start your digital transformation?  

Take our Business Improvement Review (BIR) and share your vision for your firm and the challenges you see in realizing that vision. Let us help develop your roadmap to success and guide you along the path to success.   

After completing your BIR Questionnaire, we'll set up a time to discuss your results and share strategies and recommendations on how you can maximize your path to success and start your transformation!  

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